Côtes du Rhône Village Valréas white

Marsanne, Viognier, Roussanne

All the charm of Côtes du Rhône Sud with the elegance of Côtes du Rhone north. Bright yellow color with intense green reflections of an extreme shine. The nose recalls our protected biotope, wild essences, citrus fruits, exotic fruits as well as a certain mineral. When stirred, lemony notes are revealed, stone and spices dance together. In the mouth, the extraordinary freshness invades the palate but richness and fat line the mucous membranes, there follows an impression of fullness.

« Comme un saphir… »

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas 


Like a sapphire
In memory of Le Clos, no white wine has been more crystalline than this vintage, this Roussanne crest on the heights of the estate already at altitude reveals a personality composed of hyper verticality and unctuous width. The omnipresent minerality responds perfectly to your taste buds who cannot stop salivating by the reaction of your sensory stimuli. With an elegant length, the facets of the ground appear chiseled and the retro sensation brings us closer by its brightness and its precision in the world of jewelry…

« Les Echalas »

Côtes du Rhône Villages Blanc


An opulent envelope of Côtes du Rhône Sud, the elegance of Northern Côtes du Rhône and the wide mineral tension of Macon. This wine,
golden yellow and brilliant with green reflections, reveals a beautiful palette of aromas in various registers: honey, beeswax, quinces, candied citrus, white truffle. The palate reveals itself to be full and rich in flavor, a suave palate whose freshness comes to seize you on the finish. The smoothness and length in the mouth, the precursors of tertiary aromas of great wines suggest a very high level of aging.

« Marsanne résurrection »

Côtes du Rhône VillagesValréas


With a dense minerality, we enter a universe that oscillates between candle smoke (that made with beeswax) and chestnut cream, immediately citrus fruits offer a much more suggestive music zest, small yellow lemons and greens, barely ripe tangerine come to dazzle our
mucous membranes and all our senses.
The last part which appeared evident on the milk structure disappears from the finish to form a whole in the acid / rich balance of the original juice. We can also detect some fleeting flowers which will return later in their full maturity register but which at this moment appear a little pyrogenic with an essential oil tendency and in perfect confusing connections with our oriental Mediterranean spices.

« Lusis Condri »

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas


We have long wondered about the best way to showcase the few hundred of our oldest viognier feet in a little sunny environment in powdery and limestone soils.
Lusis means solution in ancient Greek:
Thanks to a harvest date well targeted on golden fruits but still crunchy, manual sorting in the vineyard, very slow fermentation and delicate breeding work, we found a very pure answer, very fresh and very complex but amazingly attractive.

« Altitude »

Côtes du Rhône


Pastel pink color with purple and salmon reflections. This wine has a variety of scents ranging from violet to small wild strawberries with a hint of vine peach. The mouth is lively, quenching, incredibly stimulating. The notes of wild berries and peach offer, thanks to the very low pH of the soil, freshness and length well beyond our expectations….
Undoubtedly, this rosé is one of the few that can be used with fresh fish on the grill or cooking lightly in a sauce, but also lightly greasy white meat in a pan or in foil with, for example, lemongrass, and herbs of Provence.

« Diamant dans un Verger »

Côtes du Rhône


Rosés never fascinated us at Clos. We did not want to repeat an “exercise” that was repeated over and over all over the south. We have tried
to offer you a unique tasting moment, winey but fresh, fruity but mineral, accessible but complex, all with a center that resonates like a real
crystal. In a pastel pink color, tangerine peel, an amber hint, the nose offers a large olfactory balance with each plate, fruit / flower and terroir trying to precede the other. The immediate non-primary power levels, that is what we wanted, are impressive.

« La Petite Bellane »

Côtes du Rhône Villages


The robe is purple with intense purplish reflections, betraying exceptional maturity. The nose evokes wild blackcurrant, elderberry and green pepper with a terroir touch evolving in the garrigue. In the mouth, the velvety tannins give an additional dimension. The structure is present and pleasant, but the grain of the tannin is quite exceptional by its discreet presence, ending on a finely distinguished fruity note.

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas

Grenache, syrah

The color is purple with intense and dark purplish reflections, betraying an exceptional maturity. The nose evokes graphite, menthol blackcurrant, green pepper with a terroir touch evolving in the altidude garrigue, olives, camphor, undergrowth. In the mouth, the
velvety tannins are carried by the freshness of the terroir and give an additional dimension. The structure is present, but the trajectory on the palate is harmoniously striking, ending on a finely distinguished spicy fruity note.

« Pureté 400 »

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas


When a grenache of altitude on mineral soils ripens slowly we get closer to the harmonies encountered on pinot. Here there is no dominant alcohol or excessive opulence. Red berries from wild forest, violet and liquorice point. A refreshing mouth demonstrates the paradox of drinkability even in high heat on a 100% Grenache harvested at good maturity.

« Urgonien – 1.14 hectare »


Grenache, Mourvèdre

This parcel belonging to Clos Bellane releases all the strength of the fresh minerality of Urgonian limestones here in large proportion to balance the richness of our grapes. You will appreciate the purity of the fruit that emerges from it and the complexity of the terroir always present, in an paradoxically concentrated elegance and refreshing..